I’m half a vet!!! finally done with second year :)

No more exams!!  Yay for summer time!

This week was a doozy, and it’s a good thing it’s over because we were all losing our marbles. 

Monday we had therio (reproduction stuff) and it was all pretty straightforward, there was just a lot of it.  I’ve been pretty good at that all year though so it wasn’t too bad for me.  The test was easy, just long.

Wednesday we had principles of surgery, which was our only one hour exam.  It was fine, just like we knew it would be.

Then today was the dreaded pharmacology and anesthesiology exam.  So many drugs to learn about.  And they all have super similar names, which is very unfortunate.  But all of our cramming paid of, because the test went a lot better than we were expecting.  Definitely another pass :)

Now all that’s left is to give the frat house a proper goodbye tonight, and then the drive home tomorrow!


Over the hump, just one more week! (6 down, 3 to go)

This week was a crazy one: 4 days, 12 hours, 4 exams.
The first 3 days were the stressful, hard ones for Principles of Disease, which was the class that took up most of our time this year.  The first two were short answer exams that applied our knowledge to realistic situations.  Each test had three ‘questions’ (broken into many, many subquestions) worth 50 points each.  They would be something like “a dairy farm has had a problem with calf diarrhea,” and then there would be sections about bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins that could cause it, etc.  It was A LOT of writing, and our hands and backs hurt a lot afterwards.  The third test was 150 multiple choice questions that got into more nit-picky details about things.
I don’t want to jinx myself, but I thought they all went well!  I felt comfortable on most of short answer questions and didn’t run into anything that I knew absolutely nothing about, so that was a relief.  And the multiple choice seemed pretty straight forward.  I’m pretty confident that I won’t have to do any re-writes :)

The yesterday we had health management, which everyone put *a lot* of effort into because we had so much brain power left and it’s such a difficult subject.  Haha, nope, luckily I already took 4 years of animal behavior in undergrad, so I knew most of the course content already.  The test was easy though, but it was another long written one and I’m really starting to wish we could type out our answers.  I have a lot to say, and my hand does not want to write all of it down!

Lucky for me, the rest of the exams are multiple choice for the most part.  They’re also every other day instead of four in a row, which is awesome.  Hopefully my streak continues and they go well too!


Test 2 happened a few days back…

But it was a dumb, pointless test so I forgot to mention it.  It was our Observed Simulated Client Interview, so I went to school, got a sheet of paper with a case on it, and then went into a fake exam room with a 2 way mirror and a hired actor and talked it out for 20 minutes.  We’ve had practice sessions for the past 2 years, but we’ve previously been allowed to take time-outs to rewind to a part we didn’t like, ask the “client” how we’re doing, and confer with our coach.  This was the first time we had to just go with the flow straight through with no one else in the room, and that actually made it easier, since I couldn’t see the graders in the secret mirror room.

Anyways the cases were much easier this time around, usually they give us whack-a-doodle clients that yell at us, or cry, or something pretty unrealistic like that, but this time they were normal.  And we don’t even really talk about medicine, our task is always to “get a history while the vet is examining the animal in the back room,” so they just want us to chat and pry into the client’s personal life a lot more than would ever be appropriate in a real life situation.  

My case was about a lady whose dog had been sick a few days ago, and was just in for a re-check, and the dog was better, but she wanted to talk about if she should bring both of her dogs to Papau New Guinea for 3 years while her and her husband were on a medical mission trip.  Also her 2 grandchildren had just moved in with her and were really attached to the dogs because both of their parents had just died in a car crash.

The good part is you can literally just make stuff up in these interviews, so I was very sympathetic and helpful and made lots of promises to do research about what it would take to bring the dogs with them, and made up a fictional dog rescue on a nearby farm that would hold onto her dogs for the 3 years if she did decide to leave them.  She seemed to really like me, and I’m pretty sure I uncovered all of her “secrets,” so I’m sure i did very well.

Now it’s on to the hard exams, starting with our 3 day, 9 hour Principles of Disease extravaganza that begins tomorrow morning.  I got my notes printed and bound for this class, and now I have a pretty 150 page omnibus full of diseases that we’ve been cramming into our noggins for the past couple weeks.  I’m feeling very comfortable about it right now, I’m just doing a final read over of the notes tonight and then resting my brain so I can put my thinking cap on during the tests! 


1 down, 9 to go!

The first exam of the month took place this morning, and it was a good start to testing season.  This week we get the easy tests.  We started out witha nice warm up; a short one hour wet lab exam.  We just had to look at 6 messed up body parts, describe them in medical terms, and sometimes suggest what could have caused them and how.  It was a good way to just get the brain cranking a little bit and get the knowledge juices flowing.  And definitely a pass.

Next up is my AVM simulated client interview on Wednesday, which will also be super easy.  I would have to actively try to fail.  And I won’t do that.


The beginning of the end (of the school year)

Well well well, it has been a while, hasn’t it.  School has been crazyyyy busy since we got back from our February break.  We had a few awful weeks of double header exams where we would have tests on both Fridays and Mondays.  That was not a fun time.  But we all got through it and passed everything.

There were some fun things mixed in there too.  We did a surgery lab where we got to actually scrub in and gown up and set up like we would for a real surgery, and then practice remaining sterile while we sutured.  We also had an anesthesia lab where we got to watch cows and horses get sedated and knocked out.  And the infamous Beach Party came and went again, which was a good distraction from the cold bitterness that has been Guelph lately.

We also played a lot of hockey.  We made it to the quarterfinals of our intramural league, which was pretty impressive, because those teams are pretty darn good.  Then in Challenge Cup, which is only OVC teams, we went undefeated in the round robin games and were ranked first, but we lost in the semifinals.  It wasn’t the way we wanted to finish the season, but we still had a lot of fun all year, and have improved so much since last fall.

Yesterday was technically our last day of class, which is exciting.  Next week we have a few review sessions scattered about, and then the week after that it’s right into exam period.  Loooots of studying to do from here on out, but the end is in sight.

In preparation for exams I’ve made the decision to actually consume the proper amount of vitamins a normal person should eat.  I still don’t like veggies, but I’ve settled on a method that pretty much masks the taste: green smoothies.  I’ve made a few already and they’ve tasted great, just like fruit smoothies, except green from the spinach/kale/avocado that’s thrown in there.  My brain is going to be so healthy!

And the most exciting thing, I booked my plane tickets for my Europe trip this summer!  Yayyyyyyy, see all the things!


Anonymous said: I love all the stuff on your pie, flower bee and pie symbol. Looks delicious! Mom

I can’t take credit for the decorations, that was all Melitza, but I did the rest of the baking.  And I made the dough from scratch!

a Spring Triple Berry Pie to celebrate Pi Day!!!(it is shameful how quickly this whole thing was consumed by 3 girl…)

a Spring Triple Berry Pie to celebrate Pi Day!!!
(it is shameful how quickly this whole thing was consumed by 3 girl…)


puting the suturing skills to good use to fix an inner tube emergency!

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